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    Fresh Bamboo Underwear

    eco sexy!

Welcome to Hot Cookee! Our natural organic bamboo clothing is animal and planet-friendly! Enjoy wearing your Hot Cookee garments for relaxation lounge/sleepwear or for tough workouts.

Our Story


Bamboo You in Hot Cookee Gear
Hot Cookee is for Smart Cookeeez! Eco-friendly Bamboo can grow as much as three feet in a day ( no kidding) and the process of making bamboo fabric is much gentler than other fabrics. So in a nut-shell, bamboo is mega-friendly to the planet and:

• Naturally green
• Fully sustainable
• Requires no pesticides
• Requires little irrigation
• Fully biodegradable

Hot Cookee bamboo garments are soft and smooth to the skin like silk yet it’s still a super resilient high quality fabric. Our tees, tanks and underwear are hypo-allergenic, super comfy and can be worn for workouts or sleep/lounge wear.  Totally breathable, it will keep you cool in the hot summer and warm in the winter! When working up a sweat, bamboo material pulls the moisture from skin for evaporation, so it keeps you nice n dry.